Wide Eyed With Wonder

Wide EyedThe desire and delight of the Lord is for you and I to be “Wide Eyed With Wonder”

That is an experience that He desires that we maintain throughout our “adulthood.”

The Kingdom of God, says Jesus, is made up of those that are like children. 

Your children, or grandchildren are great imitators.  It’s not to late to give them something great to imitate.  It’s not too late to be surprised by the delights of God’s Presence.

It’s not too late to be filled with your own child-like wonder.

What the devil doesn’t want you to know:

It’s child-like wonder that is the heart of “The fear of the Lord.”   There’s nothing like  “eye popping wonder” that will saturate a person like you and I with the deepest kind of awe and respect.

Discover the beauty, peace, joy, and love of wonder

Make the choice right now to tell the Lord you want to be a child again.  Accept no excuses from your “adult self” that tries to insist on the wisdom of being “all grown up.”

Wide eyed wonder is a gift that is yours in the redemption of Christ.  He wants you to begin unwrapping it, today.  

So. be like the child in the photo above.  Open your eyes wide (I mean literally).  Lift your hands up toward heaven.  Say, “Yes, Please.”  Then expect the Holy Spirit to begin a fresh stirring in you.

It may scare you a little at first

It may scare you a little at first because you probably aren’t used to having happy stirrings within.  But, just go with it.

Whenever something contrary happens that tries to make you squint-y eyed with stress, open your eyes wide with confidence in His desires and delights for you.

The first step:  You believing it…which includes true belief…which means acting on it even while it doesn’t feel real.

Yes, Lord.  Yes, Lord.  Yes, yes, Lord!