Worship Hugs

jesus-hugging-girl1-600x350There are many good, accurate ways to understand how true worship is demonstrated. 

But may I break it down to what I believe is the simple, most common denominator?

The Hug

The atmosphere of God’s Kingdom is the breath of Who and What He is.  Love.   But Love is a word that is a manifold concept.  However, there is one way that I believe gives the best concrete demonstration of love.  Hugs.

God Hugs Us

We Hug God

We Hug Others For God

A True Story

I recall a story told by a lady named, Sandy Brown.  She was conducting healing meetings.  During prayer line, Sandy prayed for a lady who was severely crippled.

After a few minutes nothing seemed to happen with the lady and Sandy moved on because the prayer line was quite long.

As she was praying for the next person, the Lord spoke to Sandy, “Did anything happen to the lady you just prayed for?”  Sandy responded, “Yes, Lord. by faith.”  To make her conversation with the Lord a little shorter we’ll just say that He said, “Go back and just hug the lady in my Name.”

Sandy Brown did so.  For a few moments nothing more seemed to be happening.  And then, all of a sudden, she heard popping sounds begin coming from the lady she was hugging.  After a few more minutes, the lady – under Sandy’s embrace – was miraculously and totally whole.

It’s More Than “Right Doctrine.”

We attempt to share the glories of God’s Kingdom by reciting right points of doctrine.  However, what we must learn is that “right doctrine” isn’t the atmosphere of God’s Kingdom.

Love is.

Faith is motivated…hear me now…is set into motion…by love.

You may have a basically correct belief about the facts of healing, or any other qualities found in God’s Kingdom.  But, without love, nothing happens.

Many are trying to confess healing into manifestation.  Nothing happens, but they explain it away by saying, “I’m standing in faith on God’s Word.”  But, they are unfortunately missing the point.

Everything about God’s Kingdom is centered around and motivated by love and one of the best ways of transmitting love is through hugs.

How Do You Start?

I’m glad you asked.  In my experience, it begins each day by wrapping your own arms around yourself as you imagine, with your heart and mind, that you are hugging God.  Hold the hug and say, “Good morning, Lord.  I love you today.”

You then feel Him hugging you back (because He is).

This may sound like an oversimplification.  It doesn’t sound like good, sound, right doctrine.  (We love our good, sound, right doctrines, don’t we?)

But, what I’ve found is that this simple act, has actually made me more sensitive to those around me.

The only way I can convince you is if you try it (let’s say every day for a week) for yourself.  Don’t move forward in your day before you and the Lord “hug it out.”   Give it a try.  I think you’ll like it.