You Can Exalt Your Nation

The Righteous OnesYep, the Supreme Court of the United States of America did it alright.  From the social media reactions of many concerned Christians, it might be assumed that “The Sky Is Falling!!!”

Same Sex Marriage Is Now The Law Of The Land

My point is not to add another cup of gasoline to the the social media fire storm. That would be pointless.   And, this post is certainly not about “setting up camp” with either side of the righteous indignation debate. 

I simply want to insert a few talking points that could challenge us to think more clearly rather than re-actively.

What Do I Appreciate?

  1. I appreciate the freedoms I have enjoyed as an earthly citizen of the USA.  Even with changes, and having lived and ministered in other countries, I love best my nation.  I remember coming across the border at various times and crying when I saw the “Red, White, and Blue” waving gracefully in the wind.
  2. I appreciate all of the men and women who have given their lives in service for the country.  I do not take them lightly.
  3. I appreciate many of the men and women who have strong political drives and focus.  I don’t doubt, whatsoever, that what stirs in them is a flaming ember that is a special gift and calling from God.
  4. I appreciate the fact that sincere Godly people have sincerely different views on the political climate.  And, I believe – by in large – each has something profitable to contribute to the discussion.

Proverbs 14:34 says, “Righteousness exalts a nation…”

The word “righteousness” is a many faceted gem of colors and brightness.  It cannot be contained in a simple definition.  As a matter of fact, I believe that it is often easier to understand God’s heart in the Scriptures with a description rather than a definition.  Definitions tend to cause divisions among “the brethren” because each is convinced they know the correct Scriptural/Biblical meaning or definition.

In simple terms, righteousness encompasses the ideas and multiple hues of being truthful, intentionally aiding the poor, and walking upright and at peace with God.

May I Suggest?

Most people probably think about Proverbs 14:34 in terms of “righteous acts”  However, I’d like to add another layer that I believe is applicable to the topic of this post.  “The Righteous Ones Exalt Their Nation.”

(Note:  Exalts in this proverbs is in the verb form that means the act of nurturing, or raising up children.  Ie:  Aiding the process of maturity)

As I’ve already stated, I believe that many with strong motivations for governmental righteousness have those stirrings by God’s initiative within their spiritual dna.  (Governmental and Political are not necessarily the same thing…if ever)

Prophets Among Us

The prophetic voices in the Scriptures address their messages from God to His people.  They are anointed and insightful words of wisdom and encouragement from the heart of God with the purpose of directing their attention back to Him.

They are anointed and insightful words of wisdom and encouragement from the heart of God with the purpose of directing the attention of THE RIGHTEOUS ONES back to Him.

The Righteous Ones Need Prophet Voices With Prophetic Strategies!

Please…please…hear from God and speak to us His heart, purpose, and spiritual strategies instead of simply voicing displeasure over the political climate. 

The prophets sounded the alarm but they also gave hope to His people if THEY would repent from their own wickedness.

Let’s Also Consider:

  • Why would we expect the unrighteous to legislate righteousness?  After all, the righteous only act righteously out of a new nature.  And, any that think they do righteousness without revelation are not living in reality.
  • The righteous have already been winking at unrighteous acts (sexual and otherwise) for several decades, at least.  Why is the sky just now falling?
  • The message of Jesus was counter-cultural.  Why do counter cultural decisions by the unrighteous surprise and enrage us?  And, why do those decisions, too often, foment “the sky is falling” proclamations without words of hope for those that return to God? (Btw…you can’t “return to Him, if you were never with Him to begin with.
  • How does our public rage over the decisions of the unrighteous give us a platform to speak to the hearts of those caught in sins traps?  Unless, of course, you don’t care if you ever have their ear.
  • When did Jesus or Paul look to Cesar for wisdom and “the good life?”
  • What “Kingdom/Government” does our Father call us to invest our energies into?

The Righteous Ones are in a better position than ever to be who they were destined by their Father to be.  Let’s be that.

Invest time in allowing the Spirit of God to show you how to respond in an ever shifting earthly culture.

Remember…to help someone from sinking in the quick sand, we have to be standing on solid ground.  And Jesus already said that solid ground is the product of a revelation from God’s spirit…..not Fox, CNN, or CNBC.









  • Steve Baker

    I enjoyed every word that I read in this article. For once, a Christian is stating what I see in the Word of God. We live in 2 kingdoms. The “kingdom” of the USA, and the Kingdom of God. We are to obey the laws of the land yet live our lives according to the principles of God’s kingdom (as Christians.) I am not so concerned whether or not gays can marry. I am concerned that the gospel is preached to the world. Gay marriage is a worldly institution. I will let it be and spread the word of Jesus Christ, crucified and risen from the dead.