Your Provider In Your Desert

green pasturesAs a shepherd, himself, David understood the shepherding characteristics of our Good Shepherd. 

As we navigate our own desert places, we find encouragement and stronger faith from David’s words:

“He makes me to lie down in green pastures.  He leads me beside still waters.”

More than likely, you’ve read that verse and heard quite a few teachings from Psalm 23.  If you understand it from what David knew about sheep and shepherding, you’ll be encouraged.

How Sheep Act

The first important thing to note is the fact that it is nearly impossible to get sheep to lie down if they are hungry, fearful, or otherwise agitated.

However, when they see their shepherd the sheep will begin to settle down.  Instinctively, they know their shepherd has their best interests at heart as well as the ability to provide what they need.  I realize that is a complex thought process that human beings would think.  That’s why I said, instinctively.

Our Application

  1. The conscious presence of Jesus is what calms our souls.  That’s why, for peace of mind, we must develop the habit of “looking to Jesus.”  We must require His presence.  That’s right, require.  Jesus is the one that produces the peace that passes our normal understanding of peace.  Natural techniques can help induce a calming affect, but no “peace methodology” will sustain the peace of mind without embracing His presence.
  2. The Shepherd is very conscious and concerned for what you and I need.

Green Pastures

A Western culture city-dweller might have a general idea of the imagery of green pastures.  However, imagining a big grassy field is the best they will imagine.

David was not expressing the idea of a vast, verdant Midwestern field.  He lived in a land where shepherds tended their sheep in desert places.  There were plots of rich green grass, but the shepherd had to know where they were or he had to look for them.  It was his responsibility, not theirs.

Our Application

Contemporary life in this world is full of desert places.  It’s not normal that we will find ourselves surrounded by endless pastures of visible supply.  It is more common than not that our bread of provision would be daily.

You may have material abundance but know a different kind of desert.  We all experience dry places of some kind.  It is, however, the grace of God that He provides in a way that keeps us dependent on Him.

The Good Shepherd is not failing you if He doesn’t lead you to a lush 10 acre field of sweet alfalfa at your bidding.  And, you can use all the “faith techniques” you can muster to make it happen.  However, the “right one” that some Word of Faith folks feverishly look for probably will not put them in a place where you actually no longer have to trust your Shepherd.

[Btw…I am a faith person.  I believe in many of the principles taught by men like Kenneth Copeland, and Kenneth Hagin, etc.  But, what many of their “disciples” live is not the spirit of what these men taught]

Don’t Fear or Fret in Your Desert

More could be said, but that is sufficient for this post.  Your Shepherd.  Your Provider.  He’s right there with you in the desert.  It’s not an unfamiliar place for Him.  You don’t need to fear, or fret.

He knows where the green places of provision are and he knows where the peaceful water is.  He knows His job, and He takes it seriously.  He’s the Good Shepherd.

[Btw…In Hebrew the word good means to be perfectly ordered.]

What do you think you can do to recognize His peace producing presence.  Your comment may help one of the other readers!

Thanks for sharing if this has helped you!