You’re Back But Never Really Left

here-i-am-to-worship-for-webBeing “nit-picky” about the perceived spaces in your hold on the Lord and His hold on you is not helpful.  More times than not, you feel guilty and unfaithful…but God sees you differently.

Last night on the TV show, “Dancing With The Stars,” one judge marked a couple down for there being too much space, at times, in the frame of the dancing partners hold with each other.  On the other hand, the other two judges didn’t mark them down at all because – as they said – “That’s just being nit-picky.  Even professionals develop spaces on some of their quick moves from one step to another”

There are imperfections in life.  There are distractions galore.  Some of the diversions are draining.  Others are empowering.  They draw our attention to lean this way and that.  At times we find ourselves leaning more into God and at others times we are giving the focus of our attention more to a different source.

But more often than not, even though we think so, we haven’t gone anywhere in relationship to our hearts with God.  We are in the same fixed place of faith as always.  The “lean” of our attention shifted, but not the fix of our feet. We may feel like, “God I’m back” But truthfully you never really left.

(Instead of feeling like, “I’m back”)

Let your heart say,

  • Here I am still worshiping.  Not always with the type of undistracted worship you’re so worthy of but here I am.
  • Here I am still worshiping.  Incapable of loving those in my life – our could be in my life – as they need to be loved.  But…here I am.  I do love you.
  • Here I am still being bathed in Your goodness.
  • I’m here.  I’m scared.  I’m struggling with things I don’t have to.  But…
  • I’m still here…with You…

I’m here.  Here my heart’s song of worship.

There’s peace in knowing this grace filled reality.

There’s fresh strength here.  There’s renewed strength here.

And, God is saying to you, “You may think I’m now back…but I never really left you.”




“Here I am to worship.  Or at least, here I am not capable of the type of worship you’re so deserving of.  But I’m here. Here I am seemingly incapable of loving these children the way they need to be loved.  But I’m here. Here I am soaking in all this goodness you’ve given me, but distracted.  Still here though. There’s so much comfort in that.  When I have nothing to give, nothing to impress God with just showing up is enough.  I’m here.  Here I am very scared.  At least it’s honest. Thank you God for accepting me here.  I will be here.  Here I am in the beautiful.  Here I am in the ugly.

Here I am.